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Me at Cinnabon

Me - I just want a regular one and a coke
Lady - To go or for here?
Me - To go is fine. :)
Lady - Okay, here you go. And a coke with the name Justin on it, in case you know one! *she said happily*
*looked at her with utter depression and swiped my card*
Me - thank you have a good day..

Almost to the car with B and Eastin, B said - I know so many Justin’s!
Me - I know a couple ha
B - I know, cheer up Yeny the Yetti
Me - speaking of that! I met a justin in wies! He was pretty!









Young women are having difficulty accessing tubal ligation, despite it being a relatively safe (death rate is 1-2 per 100,000) and elective surgery.

There is a waiting period of 30 days for women seeking tubal ligation, yet no waiting period for men seeking vasectomies. 


Young women are often discriminated against when seeking sterilization. Many doctors ask offensive questions (“What if you met a billionaire who wanted to have kids with you?”), state categorically that their patients are too young to consider the surgery, and generally act as though, as one woman who tried unsuccessfully to be sterilized at the age of 21 in the U.K. put it, ”just because I was a woman, I’d reach a point where an urge to breed would overcome all rational thought.” (Perhaps unsurprisingly, that woman’s 25-year-old husband faced no such presumptions when he asked his doctor for a vasectomy. The procedure was quickly approved.)


Say that at 18 I slap down enough money so I could have my whole body covered head-to-toe in tattoos, piercings all over myself, a mountain of cigarettes, plastic surgery, and plan to have like 20 babies… but if I try at all to safely make it impossible for me to breed for the sake of my health suddenly its like WOAH THERE SLOW DOWN MISSY YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS KIND OF COMMITMENT YET

I have stage III Endometriosis, which means I have to get my uterus removed because I literally have terrible cramps ALL THE TIME and not just when I’m on my period. Now, I’ve always said I don’t want any children for personal reasons and I don’t need my uterus, really. I am not worried about that surgery and I don’t feel any kind of nostalgia over an organ I won’t ever use. 

The thing is, my doctor is a ‘man’. This ‘man’ told me I had to get pregnant right now before it’s too late. I told him I didn’t want to get pregnant and explained the multiple reasons but what, do you ask, did my doctor have to say about this? 'Well, better have a kid now because just imagine how depressing it must be being a thirty-something woman without children and a husband?'

I was diagnosed a year ago. I should have gone through surgery six months ago and I still can’t find a doctor that will perform the surgery without trying to force me to have children first. Basically, if you’re a woman you don’t have a say in what can and cannot be done to your body without a shitload of people getting in the way AND I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT.

Women are getting non-consensually sterilized in prison but no doctors in my area while tie my tubes at 24 because I might regret it? Fuck you, doctors. I have more purpose in life than dropping babies. Some of those women in prison are probably great moms and I have no interest in parenting. Let us have a say!

A dear friend of mine wanted to have her tubes tied.  She was about to give birth to twins and the doctors wouldn’t consent because she wasn’t 21 yet.  She had already had children and they still refused to let her have the procedure.

My friend got a vasectomy a week after asking his doctor for one, no problem. He was 25.

Me? I’ve asked 4 different doctors for some kind of permanent sterilisation—tubal ligation or Essure or whatever—and I get a pat on the head and a “You’d regret it if you did.”


On the flip side, as a vagina-having person who had her tubes tied at the age of 26 (after having 4 children, however):


How many times have we heard stories about husbands having vasectomies behind their wives backs and never telling them, letting those wives wallow in guilt and misery, thinking it’s their fault that they can’t get pregnant?

And yet I had had to get my husband’s permission to have my tubes tied.

(Obviously this was a decision we’d talked about extensively beforehand, so it’s not like he was about to say no, but we both couldn’t believe the fucking audacity of the hospital, asking HIS permission for ME to do something with MY body.  In fact, he said as much to the nurse that brought in the forms.)

This is fucked up. Your body is no one’s business but your own. Even if there’s no law against young sterilization, women still suffer just from societal expectations, which influence doctors who are unable to be objective. People think they’re being caring but are actually just afraid of anything that goes outside of their preconceived notions of what people should do with their lives. 

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I’m enjoying my hair :)



Lionsgate released some haunting teaser posters for the upcoming, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1


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Filming a rainbow when suddenly.


what the fuck

i think the weather just dropped the bass

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Well heyy, someone should call me. :)

This week has been pretty eventful

Monday: I woke up in a very grumpy mood. But I went on with my day, migraine and all. Figured out which taxes I owed to the state. Then Brandi, Eastin and I went to see Dawn Of the Apes. Got pulled over because Eastin is dumb ha no tickets though. Came home and took a nap, woke up because the kids were being crazy and not listening, flipped shit a couple times then cleaned and cleaned.
Took some breaks, texted Kyle to save me but he was at work. He said we’d go for a drive after he got off work and I was like ‘no boo its okay, you’ll probably be tired and I’m just in a grumpy mood but not sleepy’ so eventually my brother and I started watching pitch perfect (his first time seeing it) he couldn’t stop laughing. My phone rang, I looked at it 2:11 am and I answered while quickly escaping to my room.
‘Are you still up’
‘Yes, silly I did just answer the phone’
‘True, walk up the street and get in my car, let’s gooooo’
‘Wait what? Now? Is it cold? I’m wearing shorts….’
‘Get in the car.’
‘Okay okay I’m coming’

As I walked up to his car I saw cop lights. Well damn I thought. I heard the cop say ‘how’s everything son?’
Kyle: ‘everything’s fine’
Cop: ‘what are you doing then?’
Kyle: ’ oh I’m waiting on my girl, I just go off work so I’m just picking her up.’ He points at me. I awkwardly waved and sped up the walking. Got to the car door it was locked but they were mid conversation I didn’t want to interrupt. Kyle noticed and I got in. Then I heard Kyle tell the cop someone stole his wallet so I looked at him while the cop called it in. And he told me the story. The cop cleared him and told us to drive safe. Cop looked at me and said ‘why are you awake anyway?’ Me: who wouldn’t wait up for this adorable smile and squished kyles hand’ Cop: you two love birds drive safe and have a good night
We drove around for a while laughing at what had just happened. Then telling each other about our weeks. Him kissing my hand at every stop light. I told him I’d miss him the most when I left. He asked where I was going and I responded with ‘for now, no where. In a year south’ he seemed relieved so I said ‘for now you’ll have to put up with my ridiculousness for just a bit longer’ then we went to one of our places after driving for over an hour and his gas light coming on. We had some intense passion going on. Then he whispered ‘I’ll miss you too, Jeny Ramirez’ and it lasted a very long time and at the end we just hugged for a long time. When we drove home he sang super loud like a bunch of kids lol then when he dropped me off he hugged me for a long time again. ‘Drive safe, boo’ he replied with ‘text me when you’re inside.’ My night ended after a shower.

I woke up happy. Cleaned some more. Showered again. Took Danny to his interview which he did well on! The cleaned some more drank some coffee at 9 pm ha then stayed up rewatching movies

I woke up finished a couple last minute things for the cook out and go dressed. Drove to Brandi’s to give her a pep talk for her court. Went to her court with her, everything went relatively well actually, no jail time for my best friend :}
Then I told them to meet me at my house at one.

Quinn showed up 1st at 12:55. We sat alone for a while talking about random things before he got up to make us drinks. I started the burgers and we laughed at my horrible cooking skills. After a while Eastin and Brandi showed up and I cooked all the burgers. Once they were done we ate. After eating all of us played kick ball. Well not Quinn because he’s lazy ha Ratchy showed up so late and with no sodas. But we all just hung out talked about my birthday being 40 days away. How Quinn’s gonna be out of town. Ratchy asked if Kyle was coming to my festivities which so far are just going to the casino. And I said Kyles 21st birthday isn’t until October. But well probably have our own mini celebration. Then once everyone was worn out they started leaving. Ratchy may have fixed my laptop. And then I took a nap. :)




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how to win:

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  • you won
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I thought this was gonna be a horror thing

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